-Hi ! I am Raman Gill

an artist, writer, speaker and educator.

I strongly believe every little thing can spark an inspiration to be happy, joyful and make my brushes flow and so for everyone. It is an attitude we build within us. My paintings are with a positive message and most of the times colourful. I grew up in a cultural oriented environment in India, a quiet girl participating in different activities. Presently I reside in Canada. I have a doctorate degree form Punjab Agricultural University India and Education degree from University of Calgary, worked in a research labs as a scientist and writing has been a part of life.
The contents have changed over time and painting has always been close to my heart. My work is a constant search of expressing myself and I get inspiration from nature and beauty around me. I also do commissioned art and my paintings include the thoughts experienced in everyday life, landscapes, floral, abstracts and people. My work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions. My passions also include photography, hiking, travelling, gardening and writing poetry and positive inspirational quotes in three different languages. There is golden optimism on every little step we take and it sparkles the hidden roads in the journey of our life. Client happiness is my goal, so connect with me. Thank you for visiting my site.


Thank you for sharing your talents with us and your paintings are much more beautiful and striking in person than as seen on your website.
God Bless,
– Kanti Tailor
I have been an admirer of your vibrant artistic capabilities for a very long time now and have always admired the serenity expressed in your nature series. The various local scenes around Alberta that you have captured makes me hear the noises, smell the clear mountain air and dream of the beauty of the landscape that I had experienced in real life. I have a wall in our house dedicated to your paintings.
– The Raman Gill Wall
My husband and I liked Raman’s paintings from the first time we saw them. There is something in her paintings from the first time we saw them. There is something in her paintings that makes us feel so relaxed every time we look at them, as if we have in front a beautiful “dream”. As such, we had to acquire more than a couple of paintings.
My favourite painting that hangs in our bedroom is the water lilies in the dark. It is amazing!!! Thank you Raman! You are a beautiful person inside and out and your creations are exquisite !!
-Elena Cristina
Lovely watercolour painting, I will be having it in my office desk where I spent most of the time, Thank You !!
Raman Art Creations- Relaxation begins here, a soulful journey , Amazing with such positive vibes.
-Amarjit Rakhra
Before your day ends, here are beautiful words you deserve to hear. You are a friend, loyal and loving. Beautiful inside and out. You take time to put out encouraging words to anyone who needs a lifting up. You have an eye for beauty around you in nature and to be able to put those in a canvas is a God given gift. Soar high in this exciting adventure call Life.
-Nenette Gonzalez
Excellent and thought provoking paintings! Very Inspiring! Congratulations.
-Prasad Panada
Very nice amazing thoughtful creations.
-Davinder Sharma
Lovely paintings and poetry. I wish you success in your show.
-Caterine Brown Anna Munro
Your paintings have very beautiful and inspiring colours.
-Surinder Kaur
Raman dear! I truly enjoyed reading your travel blogs and inspiring messages. I want to read one a day and enjoy it. I love that, the magic of little joys in your blog! I fully agree that when we take time to notice and observe what's around us, we get to see more of the simplicity and beauty of life!
Keep up the good news! Cheers Raman!
-Nenette Gonzalez

Why I paint, write and speak expressing positive thoughts

My motive is to help people who own my paintings or read my newsletter and blogs to take a life with stride with a positive attitude. I have a clear understanding about positive thoughts that instantly flow out of my mind and these become colours or ink of my brush or pen respectively. It gives me a chance to turn the wind into cool fresh breeze. Every day each one of us goes through different emotions and myself writing or painting positive expressions gives me a chance to find the true meaning of this beautiful world and our existence which needs to be purposeful and meaningful.